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Following an assessment and examination, a detailed discussion will lead to a diagnosis and then you and your therapist can decide on the best course of action to speed your recovery and allow you to reach your full potential as quickly and painlessly as possible.
Treatments and Conditions treated :
• Spinal manipulations - for back and neck pain e.g. slipped disc, radiating nerve pain.
• Joint manipulation – e.g. for stiff or arthritic knees, hips .
• Acupuncture – for pain relief e.g. to help painful joints or muscles.
• Whiplash – after a car accident, exercises, mobilisation and massage may help.
• Work related injuries – back or hand injuries due to manual handling or upper limb strain from sitting and using computers – ergonomic advice can be given. Assessments can be organised for handling tasks or computer workstation assessments.
• Sports injury treatment – soft tissue problems e.g. pulled muscles or sprained ligaments.
• Muscle and joint problems.
• Shoulder problems e.g. impingement / rotator cuff pains in the shoulders.
• Vestibular and balance issues – inner ear affecting balance e.g. labyrinthitis.
• Women's health conditions – e.g. stress incontinence, prolapse, pelvic floor muscle weakness, pelvic during and after pregnancy.