We have a range of physiotherapy products that can help patients to self-manage a problem or for those who are unable to access face-to-face physiotherapy.
A few of the products are ex-demonstration or have damaged packaging so will be sold at a reduced rate. Please note, due to the contagious nature of the virus, we are unable to accept returned items.

Please see the list below and if you are interested contact us on 01923 261974. We can sell from the doorstep of our clinic, 2 Hempstead Road, keeping a 2 metre distance by arrangement.
Pain Master (micro current): £25
This is a very useful small device for controlling pain, particularly chronic pain throughout the day or night, e.g. low back or knee pain.

Mackenzie Back Rolls with Strap, 5" diameter: £15
A useful back support to be used in chairs and cars.

Serola Belt for pregnancy back and pelvic pain: £50
This belt supports the sacro-iliac joints and pubic symphysis.

Lumbar Corsets: £20 (was £25)
A useful back support for doing heavy outdoor jobs, e.g. gardening. The price reflects the damaged packaging.

Neck (Cervical) Collars: £6
These support the neck during very acute episodes of pain. The price reflects the damaged packaging.

Stadium Seats: £12
Small, portable blow-up seat pads to prevent discomfort when sitting on hard surfaces.

Massage Balls/Spikey Balls: £5
Various sizes. Can be used to self massage or massage others, or used as a Pilates adjunct.

Jack Knobber II: £12 (new); £5 (ex-demo)
Device to self-massage soft tissues or trigger points.

Tennis Elbow Splints: £15
An elbow strap to help reduce the symptoms of elbow pain. Comes in extra small, small, medium and large sizes. Great to use when doing DIY, gardening as well as racquet sports.

Wrist Splints: £18
To support the hand and wrist after injury, coming out of plaster after fractures and supporting arthritic joints.

Foot Orthotics
For foot support in shoes or trainers.
  • Vector Orthotic, Full Length, Mens Size 11-12: £40. The price reflects the damaged packaging.
  • Vasyli Full Length, Large, Mens Size 9 - 10.5: £45
  • Vasyli 3/4 Length, Various Sizes: £45

Heel Pads: £12.50
These are shock absorbers, which reduce pain during walking for foot, knee and hip problems.

Tubigrip: £3 per metre.

For supporting acute swollen joints, such as wrists, ankles or knees after coming out of immobilisation or braces.

Collar and Cuff: £5
Fabric covered foam, which is formed into a sling to support arms and hands.

Ferrules: Various Sizes: £1 - £3
Rubber caps for walking sticks, crutches and walking frames.

Pilates Equipment
  • Pilates Socks (sticky): £5. To use on hard flooring.
  • Mini Hand Weights, 0.5kg: £7.50; 1kg: £9.50
  • Exercise Balls: £10 (were £16.50). The price reflects the damaged packaging. 2 Sizes: 55cm and 42cm.
  • Ball Pump for inflating Pilates balls: £8.50
  • Ball Stop Remover: £2.50
  • Cliniband, various strengths/resistances/colours: £5.50 for 1.5 metres
  • Hard Foam Rollers: £20
  • Carry Mat Strap: £4
  • Carry Ball Strap: £5.50
  • Soft Green Overballs: £8.00
  • Pilates Head Pads, 1": £7.50; 2": £8.50; 3": £9
  • Fastening Clips for Theraband: £2
  • Exercise Mats (previously used in our classes before Covid): £5 each donated to charity.