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Pilates Therapy

Pilates Therapy is a mind-body conditioning exercise programme designed to promote core control, improve body awareness, posture, flexibility and functional ability.
Whilst many people chose to take up Pilates Therapy due to a specific problem e.g. low back or neck pain or general stiffness, it is very beneficial to help maintain flexibility and joint movements. It can improve our ability to move, to be more active or just to promote general well-being and good health.
Classes : last about an hour and include a warm-up (often standing), mat work exercises (e.g. lying down on tummy, side or front, sometimes sitting or on hands & knees) ending with a cool down and stretches for flexibility. Additional items of equipment might be included e.g. pilates overball, elastic resistance bands and rollers, each one added to enhance an aspect of Pilates Therapy.
Different levels of classes reflect the degree of core control and body awareness required to perform the exercises to gain maximum benefit.
Whilst anyone can sign up for a beginners course – not just our patients, it is recommended that a 1:1 session be undertaken with 1 of the physiotherapist instructors prior to starting a course, especially if you have a particular physical problem e.g. a knee or hip joint replacement, longstanding back or neck pains or you are concerned that you have not exercised for a long time. We also recommend a 1:1 session if you are joining a class that has been running for a few terms.
1:1 sessions are held at the physiotherapy clinic, last approx 45-60 minutes and you will be assessed for suitability and be taught a few of the beginners exercises.
Courses : A Pilates Therapy term is usually 12 weeks split into two 6 week half terms (running with the school term times).
Costs : A 12 week term costs £120 (New beginners may sign up for an initial 6 week half term costing £60)
Venue : Studio room, 1st floor in “Blackwells”, Chipperfield WD4 9BS
Missed classes – there are no refunds for classes missed but an alternative date and time can be booked within the term paid for, (provided there is a space) at a mutually convenient time. Please login to the web page and swop your class or email me if you are have any difficulty doing this. Please remember that you need to cancel your class with at least 24 hours notice to gain your credit which you use to re book a “catch up” class (choose a similar level).
NB. this MUST be used within the term (or half term) for which you have paid.

For specific Pilates Therapy information or to register an interest, either complete the application form at the Physiotherapy clinic or the on-line form.
Or contact us using the email :
(note this does not go to the clinic and should not be used to make / change physiotherapy appointments)
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Please print off and complete this health questionnaire and return to us before commencing your pilates classes.